Conquer Magazine’s 2016 Heroes of Hope book featuring Maryann Wahmann of NCAN & Cindy Lovelace of The Healing NET Foundation

Today, Conquer Magazine released their Heroes of Hope: Celebrating the Patient Voice book. Featured are Heroes of Hope WINNER Maryann Wahmann, President of NCAN, and Heroes of Hope nominee Cindy Lovelace of The Healing NET Foundation.

You can view Conquer Magazine’s Heroes of Hope: Celebrating the Patient Voice book by clicking here!

You will find the story about Cindy Lovelace beginning with page 44 and the story about Maryann Wahmann beginning with page 78.

Again, we would like to congratulate both Maryann and Cindy on their nominations for the 2016 Heroes of Hope Award, as well as a big congratulations to Maryann Wahmann on being the 2016 Heroes of Hope award reciepient! The community thanks you both for all of the hard work and dedication you both give back to us!

For more information on NCAN, you can find that here at!

For more information on The Healing NET Foundation, you can find that here at!

A Message from Maryann Wahmann, President of NCAN

“​Well yesterday was the last NCAN conference and event for 2016. This year was filled with some really amazing events! Look for our newsletter later this week. It will have a overview of what happened this past year. And what is new and some exciting things we have planned for the future.

But I’d like to thank many people for helping to make 2016 a great success:

We would like to thank our presenters that gave their time and weekends to speak at our events. 

All our corporate sponsors not only for the financial support, but for your presence at our events. You give support not only to NCAN but to the patients and caregivers in the Carcinoid and NET community. We are truly grateful!

To the many patients and family that help raise money for NCAN events! Every penny will be used wisely to make a difference in the NET community!

Most importantly, I’d like to thank our family and friends who are always there with your love, support, help and dedication, whether it is attending events, donating, making baskets, helping with registration, and taking care of the grandchildren, our dogs and house while we travel. You all make it possible for Bob and I to continue to keep NCAN’s mission going.

Together we are making a difference!

I promise We will not stop until Neuroendocrine and Carcinoid is known to the world and until there is a cure! 

Get your Zebra on!!!


Help Raise Money for NET Cancer this Holiday Season

Did you know that you can help raise money for Neuroendocrine Cancer this holiday season?

Here are a two ways for you to raise money for NCAN while doing your holiday shopping:

iGive – By using this link, you sign up and do all your shopping through the links of they 1700 partner stores! Each store has a percentage of your total that will go back to NCAN!

AmazonSmile – Do all of your Amazon shopping and give back .5% on all your eligable purchases to NCAN!

Please remember that these links can be used ALL YEAR, not just through this holiday season!

2016 Long Island NET Patient Conference

NCAN is coming up on the final days to reserve your spot to attend the 2016 Long Island, NY NET Patient Conference on December 10th, 2016 at the Melville Marriott Long Island (1350 Walt Whitman Rd, Melville, NY 11747!)

Admission is $25 and includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks. For more information, click here.

The agenda is as follows:

Morning Session – Moderator: Hal Gerstein, MD                      

8:00 am           Registration & Breakfast

8:45 am           Welcome & Opening Statements by Hal Gerstein, MD & Robert Wahmann

9:00 am           Overview and Guiding the ‘Team’ Approach             Hal Gerstein, MD

9:45 am           PRRT, Chemotherapy and the Gallium Scan              Edward Wolin, MD

10:30 am         Break

10:45 am         Surgical Options for Mid Gut NETs                             Yi-Zarn Wang, MD

11:30 am         Question & Answer Session: Morning session speakers

Noon                Lunch

Afternoon Session – Moderator: Edward Wolin, MD                      

1:00 pm           Patient Advocacy Issues          Maryann Wahmann, President of NCAN      

1:30 pm           Surgery of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors         Aaron R. Sasson, MD

2:15 pm           Treating Liver METs from an Interventional Radiologist’s POV David Madoff, MD

3:00 pm           Break

3:15 pm           Immunotherapy Trial in NET Patients                        Sajeve Thomas, MD

4:00 pm           Vitamin Replacement- B-12 and Myer’s Cocktail      Hal Gerstein, MD

4:15 pm           Question & Answer Session:

5:00 pm           Summary & Concluding Remarks by Hal Gerstein, MD & Robert Wahmann

Be sure to get your last minute tickets now to see some of the best in the NET community in an intimate setting! Get your tickets here!

Edward M. Wolin, MD, this year’s ‘Above and Beyond’ Award honoree. Dr. Wolin is an internationally recognized Neuroendocrine Medical Oncologist. Patients from all over the United States and abroad come to see him for access to personalized care and the latest diagnostic and therapy programs.

Hal Gerstein, MD, 2015  ‘Above and Beyond’ Award Honoree.

Yi-Zarn Wang, MD, neuroendocrine tumor specialist / surgeon.

Aaron R. Sasson, MD, National Leader in Gastrointestinal Surgical Oncology with expertise in Management of neuroendocrine tumors (carcinoid, pancreatic neuroendocrine, adrenal tumors)

David Madoff, MD, Vice Chairman for Academic Affairs and Professor of Radiology at Weill Cornell Medical College and an internationally-recognized expert in Interventional Oncology.

Sajeve Thomas, MD, neuroendocrine cancer specialist from Orlando, FL.

Make sure you get your tickets today!

NCAN’s 13th Annual ‘Celebration of Life’ Gala and the ‘Above and Beyond’ Award Honoree


Saturday, November 12th, 2016 was NCAN’s 13th Annual ‘Celebration of Life’ Gala in Bethpage, NY. Held at The Sterling, it was a beautiful evening of dancing, raffles, laughs, and good food!

The Gala is always one of my favorite fundraisers because it really is a celebration. We take the time to not only focus on the cause of NET Cancer, its awareness and fundraising but taking a moment to really enjoy and celebrate time with family and friends.

Every year at the ‘Celebration of Life’ Gala, NCAN takes the opportunity to honor someone who is invaluable to the NET community by presenting the ‘Above and Beyond’ award. Past recipients include Dr. Hal Gerstein, also honoring Dr. Gene Woltering and Dr. Tom O’Dorisio. This year, NCAN has honored Dr. Edward Wolin who is very well known throughout the community for his commitment to NET Cancer and his patients.


As Director of the Neuroendocrine Tumor Program at Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care, Dr. Wolin brings a robust research program to Montefiore, including multiple clinical trials. His research efforts focus on finding treatments which are more effective and less toxic, including m-TOR inhibitors, targeted radiation including PRRT, anti-angiogenic drugs, novel targeted biologic anti-cancer treatments, and targeted treatment of liver metastases. Dr. Wolin’s research is also directed at development of new imaging and diagnostic procedures for carcinoid/neuroendocrine tumors.

Dr. Wolin is an internationally recognized Neuroendocrine Medical Oncologist. Patients from all over the United States and abroad come to see him for access to personalized care and the latest diagnostic and therapy programs.

Dr. Wolin was previously the Director of Neuroendocrine and GI Oncology Program and the Director of Clinical Research at the University of Kentucky Medical Center.  For the preceding 26 years, he held key positions at Cedars–Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he founded and directed of one of the largest and most productive Carcinoid and Neuroendocrine Tumor Programs in the country. As you can see, Ed Wolin is one of the foremost experts and best friends that neuroendocrine cancer patients have! For more information on how to reach Dr. Wolin, you can check out a brief profile on him from a previous post here.


‘Above and Beyond’ Award Honoree – Dr. Ed Wolin and his wife, Susan.


Overall, it was a very successful night for NCAN and the NET community. Take a look here at some of NCAN’s wonderful prizes, the big winners of the TV, and one of the delicious cakes!

For more information on how YOU can get involved with NCAN’s 14th Annual ‘Celebration of Life’ Gala on November 11th, 2017, keep your eyes out here and be sure to watch out at NETCANCERAWARENESS.ORG for details! For help in hosting your own fundraising event for NET Cancer near YOU, send me a message here and I’d be happy to assist you.

NCAN would really love to thank all of the volunteers, donors, attendees, and sponsors for all of their time and support! Without you, events like this amazing night would not be possible!

NCAN’s 13th Annual ‘Celebration of Life’ Gala was sponsored by:

View the 2016 National NET Patient Conference FREE

I hope everyone had a wonderful NET Cancer Awareness Day and had a successful day spreading the word about NET Cancer. Please remember that you still have TODAY (November 12th) to submit your pictures to be featured in NCAN’s Awareness video. To submit, please send your pictures to NETCANCERAWARE@AOL.COM.

Here’s the information that you’re really here for: NCAN has released the video of the 2016 NATIONAL NET PATIENT CONFERENCE from this past September in NOLA for FREE! Free viewing is only available THROUGH NOVEMBER 30th!!! To view the 2016 NATIONAL NET PATIENT CONFERENCE FOR FREE, please click here!

Be sure to view it and keep a look out for NCAN’s new programs due out next month!

NET Cancer Day and Other Exciting News

Happy NET Cancer Day, Zebras and Co!

I hope everyone is ready to get out and spread awarenesss of NET Cancer all day.

NCAN has been busily preparing for today:

I’m so happy to announce NCAN’s NEW website launch today! Be sure to take a look right here to check it out!

Also, to celebrate NET Cancer Day, NCAN has released the recordings from the 2016 NATIONAL CONFERENCE from NOLA this past September! Be sure to check these out as they are only FREE through NOVEMBER 30th! Be sure to keep an eye out for new programs from NCAN due out THIS DECEMBER! To take a look at the 2016 NATIONAL NET PATIENT CONFERENCE, please visit HERE!

In celebration for NET Cancer Day and due to the large volume of photos and requests for more time to submit, NCAN will be taking your ZEBRA RIBBON and NET Cancer Day photos through November 13th. Please submit all and any photos of you celebrating today to This video will be released on or about November 15th!




Call to Action: NET Cancer Awareness

Attention All Neuroendocrine/ Carcinoid Cancer Patients, Caregivers, family and friends! Help us bring Awareness to this deadly disease! This is something everyone can do!

Many of you know that November is NET Cancer Awareness Month with NET Cancer Awareness Day on November 10th.

We are asking everyone to wrap or hang zebra ribbons around your community. Trees, mail boxes, telephone poles, hang on front doors, or be creative in your neighborhood in order to help create some buzz surrounding NET Cancer.

All you need to do is get any type of Zebra ribbon. (They can be found in many stores such as Walmart, AC Moore, Michaels, or card stores) and hang them around where the general public where people would question what the Zebra ribbon is for.

NCAN is asking that you take pictures of you, and your family, friends with the ribbon and submit them via e-mail to In your email, please include that you are standing up for the Neuroendocrine Cancer community or in honor or memory of a love one. Please make sure you include the names.

NCAN will be making a video collage to be posted on Youtube, Facebook, and NCAN’s website, as well as here on NETCancerAwarenessBlog.

NCAN is working on getting some press releases out and some media coverage about this for the NET community.

If you have questions feel free to call the NCAN office at (866) 850-9555.

For more information about NET Cancer go to

Please invite your family and friends to join!

Get Your Zebra On!