About Tricia

Tricia’s connection to NET Cancer:

Tricia has been a part of the NET Community since the age of 12 when her mother (Maryann Wahmann, one of the founders of NCAN) was diagnosed with Carcinoid Cancer. Since her mother’s diagnosis and NCAN’s incorporation in 2004, Tricia has been very active in the planning and execution of events and conferences, as well as helping provide support for the children of NET patients. In November 2008, Tricia started the first ‘Strides for Stripes’ Zebra Walk on Long Island, NY. After nearly seven years as a volunteer event coordinator and administrative assistant, in June 2011, she was voted onto the NCAN board and is the active VP. In November 2012, Tricia received her own Carcinoid diagnosis in the antrum of her stomach at 22.