A Message from Maryann Wahmann, President of NCAN

“​Well yesterday was the last NCAN conference and event for 2016. This year was filled with some really amazing events! Look for our newsletter later this week. It will have a overview of what happened this past year. And what is new and some exciting things we have planned for the future.

But I’d like to thank many people for helping to make 2016 a great success:

We would like to thank our presenters that gave their time and weekends to speak at our events. 

All our corporate sponsors not only for the financial support, but for your presence at our events. You give support not only to NCAN but to the patients and caregivers in the Carcinoid and NET community. We are truly grateful!

To the many patients and family that help raise money for NCAN events! Every penny will be used wisely to make a difference in the NET community!

Most importantly, I’d like to thank our family and friends who are always there with your love, support, help and dedication, whether it is attending events, donating, making baskets, helping with registration, and taking care of the grandchildren, our dogs and house while we travel. You all make it possible for Bob and I to continue to keep NCAN’s mission going.

Together we are making a difference!

I promise We will not stop until Neuroendocrine and Carcinoid is known to the world and until there is a cure! 

Get your Zebra on!!!


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