Novartis Carcinoid Syndrome Quality of Life Survey

Happy Wednesday!

Today, Novartis Pharmacuticals has released a quality of life survey for NET patients diagnosed with Carcinoid Syndrome.

This survey is two parts and is said to be about 30 minutes long. For taking the first part, which you take immediately, you will be gifted a $20 Amazon gift card in 5-10 business days via email for your time. The second part is to be completed at a later date.

***My experience with the survey only took me about 10-15 minutes at most to complete!***

Here is the information:


Analysis Group is conducting an online survey study to understand the quality of life of patients with Carcinoid Syndrome and its symptoms. Your participation will advance the knowledge in this field. You will also receive a $20 gift card for for completing each survey, as a compensation for your time.

The Study

Analysis Group is seeking patients with Carcinoid Syndrome to share their experience through a two-part anonymous online survey. The first survey can be completed immediately and you will be invited to take a follow-up survey in 6 months. This study is non-interventional and will not require you to do anything beyond completing online survey questions about your experience with Carcinoid Syndrome symptoms. Analysis Group will email you a $20 gift card for within 5-10 business days of completing each survey.

To Participate

If you answer “Yes” to all the questions below, we welcome your participation in the online survey.

Have you been diagnosed with Carcinoid Syndrome (i.e., pattern of symptoms sometimes seen in people with carcinoid tumors)?

Have you ever experienced any of the following Carcinoid Syndrome symptoms (i.e., symptoms caused by a carcinoid tumor’s secretions of large amounts of the hormone serotonin)?

□ Carcinoid diarrhea

□ Carcinoid heart

□ Cramping

□ Cyanosis

□ Flushing

□ Peripheral edema

□ Wheezing

Are you at least 18 years of age?

Would you be able to spend 30 minutes to complete the survey?

Your participation is voluntary. Your responses expressed during the online survey session will be kept strictly confidential. Please direct any inquiries about the study to

To participate in the study and complete the online survey, please visit the survey link:…

This research is funded by Novartis. Thank you in advance for your consideration

This is for patients in the USA only.